Message Oriented Middleware for Java®

Mom4j is a 100% pure Java® implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS)® specification, published by Sun Microsystems®.

Mom4j is an open source project hosted on sourceforge and published under the LGPL License.

© 2003 by the mom4j development team

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mom4j is fully JMS 1.1 compliant and downwards compatible to JMS 1.0 and 1.02.
The current stable release is 1.1. It is available through the download section.

The major design goals are:

  • Small memory footprint
  • Embeddable without big effort
  • Have its own transactional message store to make it independant from a relational database
  • Use a language independant wire protocol, so that clients can be written in any programming language
Here is a list of the key features of mom4j:
  • JMS 1.1 Compliant
  • Downwards compatible to JMS 1.0.x
  • Supports the Point-To-Point messaging model
  • Supports the Publish-Subscribe messaging model
  • Supports persistent messages
  • Supports local transactions
  • Comes with its own message store, no need for a relational database
  • Small memory footprint
  • Language independant wire protocol (XML/HTTP), so clients can be written in any programming language
  • Python client for sending and receiving messages via mom4j
  • Supports message selectors
  • Supports TTL (time to live)
  • Supports Temporary destinations
  • Supports durable subscriptions
  • Remote administration via HTML-Client through JMX support

mom4j does NOT support:

  • Distributed Transactons (XA) (feature is planned ...)
  • ServerSessionPools and applicaton-server specific features related to it
  • Relational Database as message store (feature is planned ...)

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